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Is CBD a Good Alternative Medicine?

The value of alternative medicine depends strongly on the desired effect. Typically, it does not cure diseases. Instead, it treats them or the side-effects caused by traditional treatments. Therefore, it is a popular adjunct to things like chemotherapy, where very strong drugs do the curing, but also cause plenty of distress when taken by themselves. Alternative medicine is also very popular for things like general pain relief, anxiety reduction, and other conditions that aren't "deadly serious" but that can significantly lower quality of life if not taken care of.

One of the newest arrivals to alternative medicine is CBD oil. Some of the most commonly-reported benefits are pain relief and anxiety reduction, both of which are things that many people greatly need. It can seem surprising that some people do not find relief with the huge number of typical painkillers on the market, but closer inspection reveals that those drugs normally fall into one of just a few categories. It's actually quite common for either none of them to work, or for all of them to produce intolerable side effects such as ulcers or addiction.

It may be a surprise, but CBD has been proven to fight the symptoms of certain types of epilepsy. One prescription medicine based on CBD has been approved by the FDA for this purpose, and more are currently in various research stages. Therefore, it is likely that the time will come that CBD is no longer considered an "alternative" medicine, but instead, a standard member of the US Pharmacopeia.

Fortunately, standard CBD oil does not require a prescription, so the existence of a CBD-based prescription medicine has not hampered access. Like most drugs, the approved, branded medicine has surely been processed in very specific ways.

While its ability to work for pain relief or anxiety reduction is often the first draw that brings people to CBD, the other big benefit is how it can be taken in a wide variety of ways. CBD is available in a huge array of other forms. Hemp edibles infused with CBD, tinctures, elixirs, and even capsules make it easy to control dosages and to take CBD without the risk of weight gain. You can also add a little raw local honey to your hemp edible, as a sweetener.

Whether you are looking for hemp edibles, CBD oil, or raw local honey, you can always find the highest quality of alternative medicine at Mt. Hemphire is located in Alpine, CA, but ships all over the US. They offer fast shipping times, so in no time, you will experience the benefits that CBD has to offer.

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