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Try a CBD Face Mask

Facial masks have long been used for their beauty benefits. Ingredients like charcoal suck up oil and toxins, while cucumber is known for making skin look tight and youthful. Now, companies like Mt. Hempire in Alpine, CA are offering masks with an extra ingredient: CBD.

A CBD face mask takes things up a notch and brings an invigorating effect to the mix. It may also help relax facial muscles and increase calmness, depending on the mask's formulation.

To choose the right CBD face mask, just think about the main beauty or other effects that you're looking for. Each mask prominently says which common mask ingredient (such as cucumbers or charcoal) it has, along with what effects to look for. It also states how much CBD is present, so you can be sure that it's not just a token amount. It's easy to get the perfect one.

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