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What Do CBD Oils Do?

With the explosion in popularity of CBD oils and CBD sprays, it makes sense to wonder what all of the fuss is about. After all, this product doesn't contain THC, so it isn't supposed to get you high. What else could be drawing people to seek out these products? It turns out that they want to be healthier, calmer, and pain-free. But, above all they seek wellness!

Painkillers occupy a huge market niche, but for many, traditional over-the-counter options like aspirin and naproxen sodium aren't effective. Even when they do work, they often have side effects, such as stomach bleeding, that make them unsuitable for heavy or long-term use. Meanwhile, prescription options like opioids are far too addictive, and many want to avoid the risk of becoming hooked on them. Worse, these often aren't effective unless the person takes so much that they can't function well.

Because of these things, many people who use the best CBD products do so for effective pain relief that comes without crippling addictions or life-threatening bleeding conditions. For many people, CBD provides pain relief that lasts for hours. It also doesn't harm the stomach wall or intestines, is not addictive, and works as fast as over-the-counter alternatives (or, in some forms, even faster). Since so many people are looking for effective pain relief, this is a huge driver of the market.

Other people use the best CBD products to relieve anxiety without the side-effect of being stoned. Being stoned greatly interferes with the performance of some jobs, makes it more dangerous to use power tools, and interferes with social interactions with those who look down on it. Therefore, many CBD users prefer to remain sober, but still want the relaxing effects of hemp and related products. CBD oil makes it possible to get the best of both worlds, and eases the day for many in stressful jobs.

There are several popular varieties of CBD oils, and they each have benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, there is no one best kind. Instead, what's best for you will depend on the goal you are trying to reach.

CBD sprays are spritzed added to something like coffee, tea, or brownies. These should be held there for about 30 seconds so that they don't enter the digestive system too soon. This allows them to start working within a few minutes, while digestion would take much longer. People who use the oil for pain relief often prefer CBD sprays so that they don't have to wait as long.

CBD oils, are administered under the tongue in what is referred to as "sublingual", by themselves. By getting the oil by itself, you can control the dosage instead of just going with whatever a maker of finished products puts in. Eating CBD, is another form of delivery and can take longer to reveal itself.  Your system has to digest the carrier, absorb the CBD, and then distribute it to your brain and other cells. Typically, this form of ingestion is used when immediate is not necessary..

One unique option in the oil category is turmeric hemp oil, which blends the CBD with turmeric and ginger, or a blend of calming herbs to assist with sleep.

Topicals are made by mixing CBD with a general carrier oil such as palm or by mixing it into a lotion base. These are used as pain-relieving balms. Like regular over-the-counter balms, they're good for rubbing onto sore muscles and stiff joints. However, topicals are a good solution if you don't have too many painful body parts, and you can use it as often as you need. 

While all of these options are typically chosen to meet the buyer's needs for pain relief or anxiety relief, there are other things that CBD oil does or is believed to do within the body. It has been approved as the active ingredient for a medication that fights two forms of epilepsy, and is being studied for other prescription applications. Some use it to help with the side-effects of chemotherapy or to improve the function of specific organs. However, since it is not yet FDA-approved for specific purposes like this, manufacturers and legitimate advertisers avoid promising things along these lines. It can only be said that it "may" provide certain benefits.

That said, many people report that they've found relief for both pain and anxiety by using CBD products. Will it work for you? Try it and find out!

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