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Are CBD Edibles Good for You?

So far, there have been no unhealthy effects reported from the CBD component in CBD edibles. However, like anything else you eat, you need to pay attention to the rest of the ingredients before you can deem the food to be "healthy." An organic CBD bar made with healthy fibers and fats, added fruits or nuts, and a minimal amount of sugar is definitely much healthier than something like a typical cupcake that happens to have a few drops of CBD thrown in. This is why if health is your goal, you need to be careful in which CBD edibles you choose.

Therapeutic CBD can be added to edibles in quantities large enough to have an effect, but you will likely need to go to a specialist shop like Mt. Hempire in Alpine, CA, to find these items. The same goes for CBD products that will be healthy in general, rather than full of highly processed, quick-production fillers. It's best to avoid gas-station offerings and similar low-quality fare, which are made mostly to make the station money and to cash in on the legal hemp trend.

One thing to keep in mind is that with any edibles, the effect will take longer to kick in than with other forms of delivery. Therefore, you should wait long enough to feel the full effect before eating more. This will help to ensure that the mellow feeling you're looking for doesn't turn into a situation where you can't accomplish anything for hours. With therapeutic CBD levels, this is an even more important consideration.

The reason CBD edibles take so long to show their effects is the fact that the body has to digest it before it can get to the CBD. Digestion can take anywhere from several minutes to a couple of hours to release the active ingredient. Then, the body has to deliver it to your brain and your other cells. On the plus side, the effects come on more mildly and increase as time progresses. It can be a bit of a shock to have a sudden state change, so many prefer the "ramping up" of an edible's effects.

With the rising popularity of CBD, there are many products available, such as CBD massage oils, tea, sprays and more. But you want to make sure that you get your CBD products at stores like Mt. Hempire which is dedicated to to getting you the highest quality CBD products out there. Plus it makes it easier because they deal with established manufacturers with perfected processes. These manufacturers want to gain and maintain a strong presence in the market, rather than hopping onto the next big thing as soon as the wind shifts. Therefore, they take care to provide safe, high-quality items that speak to their market's full desires. Whether you are looking for CBD massage oils or CBD edibles, you can be sure to count on Mt. Hempire to get you the products in the market. Shop today at

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