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The Hemp Advocate Effort Has Been Successful!

Prohibition has ended, at least for Hemp with the signing of the 2018 Farm bill.  Yes, there is a difference in the cannabis plant. Hemp, by definition is .03 or less of the compound THC. Cannabis marijuana however, does not currently have percentage limits.

Now, as a huge hemp advocate, Mt. Hempire celebrates that the years of efforts have been successful as hemp's number one advocate. The descheduling, or removing it from the controlled substance act, brings it back as a legitimate agricultural product at the national level. Along with this, the FDA is looking at CBD and its value as a food or for other uses. This could lead to further legalization down the line, or at least, a change in regulation.

As you might expect, the descheduling of hemp has led to an even bigger explosion of hemp products than was already here. You can find things for hemp pet care as well as countless types of human-oriented items made of hemp fabric, oil, hemp food products or other parts of the plant. CBD oil, coffee with hemp seeds, coffee and tea with CBD added, and endless other items are easy to find at a hemp advocate like Mt. Hempire. In some states, these items are also available in stores catering to fans of the organic, environmentalists, and other such demographics. There and elsewhere, CBD oil is now widely available.

Hemp pet care is a growing niche. It started out with simple hemp cat scratching poles, where the hemp replaced the jute fiber that had been used before. Now, however, the offerings have expanded greatly. One example of this is the hemp oil dog cookies and soft cat chews made by Treatibles. These combine the oil with pet-friendly flavors like turkey or pumpkin. Treatibles pet care products are grain free, to further cater to owners who are on the forefront of organic pet food trends.

For humans, hemp food products absolutely abound. One of the biggest trends is to put CBD oil in pretty much everything, as well as to take it by itself. Therefore, before determining which ones are the best hemp food products, you must first decide which category of products you are interested in. For those who want the best hemp food baked bars are a great option. There are a variety of baked bars that come in delicious flavors ranging from cookie dough to fruits and nuts. Hemp food products also come in milk, tea, seeds and infused drinks.

With the growing popularity of CBD and hemp products, there are many companies coming out with hemp products. Thanks to online companies like Mt. Hempire, located in Alpine, CA, and the descheduling of hemp, you're in luck if you find yourself looking for hemp products. By going online at, you will find a great selection of hemp products and hemp food products. This makes it simple to find your favorites as well as products that are formulated to meet specific needs.

In most areas, the offerings that come up under ‘hemp products near me’ aren't all that thrilling anyway. Do you really want to get your CBD oil from some gas station, where the quality is anything but guaranteed? Not only might you find that such offerings have no potency, they may also be stale, bootleg, or cut with something dangerous. So if you are searching ‘hemp products near me’, check out Mt. Hempire online store. It's definitely best to go to a real hemp specialist store like Mt. Hempire, which sells products by genuine companies that guarantee their ingredients, potency, and overall legitimacy.

Of course, not all hemp products are meant to be ingested. Some of the favorites of the hemp advocate are t-shirts and other clothing promoting their pro-hemp positions or the wider use of this plant. Therefore, you can be sure to find plenty of clothing and accessories at the hemp store, some of which are actually woven out of hemp fibers. Options range from the very obvious to discreet choices like hemp bath towels, which have no slogan but use plenty of hemp fiber and support the farmers of this now-popular plant.

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