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Hemp Hearts

What Are Hemp Hearts?

Hemp bucks the tradition of referring to the leafy center of a plant as its "heart." Instead, hemp hears are actually the shelled seeds of the hemp plant. These are eaten much like shelled sunflower seeds for a tasty and healthy treat. Each serving made by EVO and sold by Mt. Hempire in Alpine, CA contains a surprising 10 grams of protein, 7.5 grams of Omega 6 LA fatty acids, and 3 grams of Omega 3 LA fatty acids. Like certain other seeds and nuts, they're also rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, and some B vitamins.

Along with eating hemp hearts by themselves, you can use them as ice cream toppings, salad additions, in baking, and in smoothies. This makes them a versatile way to pump up the nutritional value of these foods without substantially changing the recipes.

EVO hemp hearts are not only healthy; they're grown in the USA. This makes it so they are still nice and tasty when you open up the pack.

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