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Hemp History Week

8th Annual Hemp History Week @

Mt. Hempire! June 5-11, 2017

We'll be here...and we'll have this year's informaiton available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - See you soon!

"Bringing it Home"

- the documentary about Industial Hemp and the struggle to bring it home to America! 


This documentary is for the whole family, and answers many questions.


Industrial Hemp is making headlines in American media with the recent Farm Bill amendment allowing hemp research crops in ten states. But why does Federal policy still classify and confuse this non-psychoactive plant with marijuana as a drug? BRINGING IT HOME tells the story of hemp's past, present and future through interviews with global hemp business leaders and entrepreneurs, archive images, animation and footage filmed in Europe and the United States.

The film features the designer of "America's First Hemp House" and his quest to find the healthiest building material available to construct a safe environment for his daughter with chemical sensitivities. He discovers non-toxic, carbon neutral hempcrete that is recyclable, pest-fire-mold-resistant and cuts energy bills in half. But the major drawback for U.S. builders is that the fiber for hempcrete must be imported. Current U.S. Federal policy does not distinguish hemp from its psychoactive plant cousin marijuana, despite a long history of hemp farming in America up until the 1940s.

BRINGING IT HOME follows the hemp trail to the U.K. where business owners, researchers, farmers and Kevin McCloud, TV host of Grand Designs, discuss industrial hemp use in their country. Also featured are interviews with CEOs of million dollar U.S. companies that are importing hemp for healthy, sustainable products, and those working for policy change at the state and federal levels. A lobbyist for the CA Narcotics Officers Association gives voice to the opposition.

BRINGING IT HOME makes the case for all the benefits of a misunderstood plant that will leave viewers wondering: why aren't we growing it here? -


Please RSVP, as we have limited space available!

or call 619-722-1775

Hemp History Week - June 5, 2016

We're Celebrating the movement, signing petitions and campaigning for Hemp liberation.  We celebrated ferociously this June, beginning with the arrival of the Hemp Road Trip Bus....Right here in our parking lot!

The passion is's hard not to love everthing Hemp!

Thank you Rick Troj - for all you do!

HHW 2016

The 8th Annual Hemp History week is June 5 - June 11, 2015 - and Mt. Hempire is getting involved! 

We've signed up and participated in the past and will plan to receive info to share and distribute.

Feel free to come out and join the good times and help spread the word...THE Plant is coming!

Be sure to check out our product line...we are adding daily.

Mt. Hempire, "All things Hemp!

5th Annual Hemp History Week June 2 - 8, 2014 @ the Alpine Farmer's Market!


Hemp History Week came and went without a flaw!  We set-up our little space at the Alpine Farmer's Market, and commenced to give away all the amazing free products provided by Manitoba, Dr. Bronner and Hemptopia.  I can't wait until next year, now we have practiced! 

We had samples of Hemp herding for animals, etc, Hemp board - totally revolutionize the termite and take them out for-EVER, Hemp paper, because none of us could remember ever seeing it!  What would be a display of logical Hemp items be without fabric swatches, and products made from Hemp textiles.  Hemp seeds of course and samples of those, and we rounded off the display with cosmetics, soaps and lotions!


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