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Welcome to Mt. Hempire! - "All Things Hemp"!

Here at Mt. Hempire, we worked, advocated, signed petitions, made trips, passed out brochures, called representatives and educated the masses, and  Hemp was officially DE-scheduled in the 2018 Farm Bill!

"Sow the Seed"!


We are an LLC, dedicated to our health and education as it relates to all things Cannabis!  Hemp has always had a deep, rich history in this country, and finally, it is considered an Agricultural Commodity..AGAIN! If you are interested in growing hemp commercially, the San Diego Dept. of Agriculture is where you will want to start.  Good luck! 


We are committed to supporting the US Hemp movement, through advocacy, awareness, and by supporting our (US) Hemp Farmers and business folks that embrace and support the cause! 

It is long overdue for us to bring this industry back to America! 

Please, buy and support the American Hemp Farmer!


Currently the FDA is considering the future of CBD, it's food, value, etc. 


Please, take your time and shop around, the search option will help you sort it out, or stop by sometime for a cup of Coffee with Hemp seed, and enjoy finding out sooner then later the benefits of hemp as an addition to your daily diet!


~Be well


This is a picture of hemp advocated in from of the capitol in DC

Introduction to Hemp

Building with Hemp book cover

This comprehensive book is available as a resource to the building community of Alpine!


Are you unsure how to source hemp for building?


Building with hempcrete, is not only more healthly, but as time goes on the material becomes even stronger!


Who wants to be the first to build a Hemp Building in Alpine, CA?


Look for up coming events where we "Invite the Experts" to share their tips and talents!

Building with HEMP

by Steve Allin, 2nd ed


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