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Is Eating Fungus Good for You?

It seems amazing, but it's actually healthy to eat certain types of fungus, which makes great natural medicine! Even more amazing is that this extends to the types that seem odd when you're just looking at them. Cordyceps fungus is a prime example of natural medicine. It has been shown to improve kidney function, and in mice, even lowers blood sugar and extends lifespan. It has also been shown to improve immune function in those undergoing chemotherapy. Yet, in the wild, cordyceps is a fungus that grows on insects. Since it would be quite hard to harvest it from bugs, the varieties found in supplements are lab-grown.

While cordyceps is an outstanding example of a fungus that is surprisingly good for you, it's no surprise that most fungus-based medicine is more down-to-earth. Medicinal mushrooms are typically types that, in nature, are found in places like forests. Maitake, lion's mane, and other such mushrooms all have benefits that cause alternative medicine fans to seek them out.

Effects like these aren't new discoveries. In fact, fungus has been included in plant based medicine since ancient Chinese medicine was developed, if not longer. Now, however, plant based products are more commonly studied under rigorous conditions, so for at least some of them, a body of evidence is developing to support the outcomes.  This allows people to use them with more confidence than ever before as complementary medicine.

Thanks to companies dedicated to natural medicine, it's easy to get the exact mushrooms or other fungi that are needed to bring about specific benefits.  With different varieties come different delivery methods, so it's easy to get the one that fits your needs and preferences.

Medicinal mushrooms can be ground and put into capsules, powders, and sprays, typically with healthy herbs to improve their effects. They can be taken as complementary medicine or by themselves. And for those who are vegan, medicinal mushroom as complementary medicine because they are all natural. (some people find that taking too many non-vegetarian gelatin capsules can sour their stomachs)

Mushrooms as complementary medicine can also come in coffee form and elixir mixes. These formulations are great for those who want to have a taste experience as part of their healthy living supplements. And, a great way to start the day with a dose of Lions mane to your coffee routine for that project you have waiting for you at work.

Thanks to products like these, obtaining plant based products for medicinal use is easier – and for the drinks, tastier – than ever before. You don't have to go out in the woods with a mushroom identification book and hope you can find the right thing, or worse, raise insects and hope they catch cordyceps. You don't even have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking up meals full of medicinal mushrooms.

And if you are looking for medicinal mushrooms or natural medicine, check out Mt. Hempire. They have a great selection of natural and complementary medicine at their online store. Just go check out When you shop at Mt. Hempire, located in Alpine, CA, chances are that you will indeed end up feeling better. Not only will you be all set for the day, you'll never have to worry that you might have misidentified a mushroom from the woods.

Chances are that you will indeed end up feeling better!

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