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Cannapresso: Air Pro Plus Mesh CBD Nebulizer


Cannapresso designed and created the first and only product combination Cannapreso mesh nebulizer + CBD Nebulizer Water in the world. Cannpresso CBD mesh nebulizer uses ultrasound tech at 130KHz frequency Vibration through an atomizer to create a fine mist of 2.5 to 5 microns, without the use of heat or combustion. Healthcare used in this device is never chemically altered and provides the cleanest way to inhale CBD. There is no abrasion or negative side effects to the lungs or body. The key technology is to combine the mesh technology of Cannpresso specific mesh nebulizer (patent pending product of FDA 510K test standard medical device), which will perfectly preserve CBD natural bioactivity and make people rightly feel the natural and original CBD vitality and obtain a glowing vigour. Cannapreso mesh nebulizer + CBD Nebulizer Water is a breakthrough in the cannabis field and is the purest way to inhale CBD, to date.