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CBDFX Fresh Mint disposable

CBDFX Fresh Mint disposable

The CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen at CBDfx
We at CBDfx want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the perfect amount of full spectrum, organic CBD throughout the day. With the CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen, you get a travel-friendly vape pen that’s discreet and requires no knowledge of advanced vaping technology. Best of all, you can simply throw each vape pen out and grab a new one when it’s empty.

Each pen contains our famous 30mg organic, full spectrum CBD as well as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural flavors. The mint taste blends beautifully with the herbal flavor of our high-quality hemp. The inhale is cool and refreshing thanks to the flavor of freshly picked peppermint leaves. The exhale is satisfyingly icy and full of that earthy hemp taste.

These pens don’t contain any cheap filler ingredients that reduce the effectiveness of hemp.

What Makes the CBD at CBDfx So Unique
Providing our customers with the very best CBD that’s out there, we believe that organic, full spectrum CBD is the only way to go. The strong relationships with organic hemp farmers allow us to deliver the very best CBD available. Organic CBD has higher levels of nutrients such as essential fatty acids and various vitamins. With full spectrum, it contains all the nourishing components that exist within the hemp plant.

The Benefits of the CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen
Full-spectrum CBD.
Perfectly formulated for those looking to try CBD dosing.
No additional steps to take or liquids to mix.
No charging.
No maintenance at all required.
This is a single-use CBD vape pen that is ready to be used upon arrival.
For a simple-to-use, discreet vape pen that will deliver the dose of CBD you need, the CBDfx CBD Fresh Mint Vape Pen is the ideal choice to use.