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Equine Formula

Equine Formula


Product Details

For your horse's optimal health... Cannimal is excited to share with you our first equine product!

Cannimal Equine is 2000mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (equivalent to 40mg per 1ml pump).

Carrier Oil: Organic MCT oil.

Delivery Method: Pump bottle. Syringe available upon request.

Dosage: Standard dosage for humans is 10% of bodyweight (in mg) up to 2-3 times per day depending on ailment. If applied to a horse, an 800 horse may need 80mg 2 times per day. However, some research shows horses may be more sensitive to cannabinoids than dogs or humans. Read our dosing protocol: Start low. Go Slow. Titrate up.

How long will it last? A 2000mg bottle may last up to 2-4 weeks depending on the amount your horse needs. Remember acute issues may need higher dose but only as needed. Chronic issues such as lameness or laminitis will need consistent longterm dose for best results.

  • This human grade Hemp Oil Extract product contains less than .03% THC.
  • IT IS LEGAL TO SHIP. MEDICAL CARD is NOT NECESSARY. This product does not have traceable amounts of THC.
  • Our bulk hemp oil is 3rd PARTY TESTED for TOXINS, PESTICIDES, AND POTENCY

Why does Cannimal stick with tincture-based delivery for our products??

While pellets and powders may seem like a practical and common way to give your horse Hemp Oil Extract supplements, our products are sold to be absorbed directly in the mouth, where absorption of Hemp Oil Extract and other cannabinoids is most EFFECTIVE! Read our essential guide to dosing here. This product is human grade.

Why does Cannimal use a pump dispenser vs a dropper?

  • Glass droppers can be broken by powerful horse teeth!
  • Pump delivery reduces cross contamination- droppers placed into a dirty mouth should not be placed back into bottle and ruin your valuable investment.

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