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Organic Black Cohosh Root Tea

Organic Black Cohosh Root Tea


In the Know


What goes on underground is what you need to know, as it’s the rhizomes below the earth, as well as the roots, where black cohosh cultivation for consumption is found. However, above ground when in bloom, black cohosh sprouts little white flowers that some remark as smelling rather unpleasant, even while attracting prolific pollinators, such as bees, flies, and gnats.

A Little Black Cohosh History

Way back, before America as we know it today, when Native Americans were the guardians of the land, the use of black cohosh to address everyday health concerns was common. The Native peoples discovered how powerful the plant was in assisting with not only debilitating gynecological issues, but they found it to be healing for sore throats, kidney issues, and even depression. After European settlers arrived, black cohosh continued to be utilized medicinally. Come 1830, this remarkable plant made its debut in the U.S Pharmacopeia, but was called something else: black snakeroot, which makes sense when you understand that the parts of the plant that provide the medicinal magic are the rhizome and root, both snakelike in appearance. Today, the root is harvested and ground into a fine powder, which is then steeped into an herbal tea.

What Does Buddha Teas Black Cohosh Tea Taste Like?

Just because your cup of Buddha Teas Black Cohosh Tea smells a little like the earth, doesn’t mean this remarkable herbal tea is going to taste like dirt. Far from it! Though its taste is mild, and somewhat undistinctive, there’s enough of a personality there to transport you to a place in time when your need for medicine was found in the open spaces surrounding you. We believe this is one you’ll want to keep in stock, a tea you’ll turn to again and again.

How to Make Black Cohosh Tea Taste Like

A good boil, 212 degrees F, and a nice long steep, 5 to 10 minutes, will leave you with the perfect cup of Buddha Teas Black Cohosh Tea