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Is it Good for CBD Oil to Have Terpenes?

With a name so close to "turpentine," it's no wonder if you're curious about what terpenes are and why you would want them in your CBD oil. It turns out that these substances are what are responsible for the flavor, color, and smell of a plant – in this case, the hemp plant. They are made up of the naturally-occurring carbon and hydrogen molecules in the plant, making them, shockingly enough, biological hydrocarbons.

In CBD oil, terpenes facilitate what is known as an "entourage effect." This refers to their ability to enhance the effects of the other biochemicals in the oil. Therefore, it is definitely good to have terpenes in your CBD products. Without them, the benefits could be much lower.

Because of this, many manufacturers make sure to state that their products retain the terpenes that came from the hemp. Look for this labeling when you shop.

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